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Gesellschaft für Kongress-, Event- und
Medientechnologie mbH

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    Passion in Motion.

    We apologise for not having dubbed or subtitled our little German trailer yet ! But here’s the story in essence: We love what we do. Just look at the faces…

  • Welcome to PA Munich…

    …Munich’s most passionate choice when it comes to realising your events and congresses. Passionate? Yes – passionate for you, your ideas and visions. And it’s as simple as that: Whatever you’re up to in terms of an event, a party or a conference – it deserves to be a great experience for everyone taking part.
    This requires plenty of equipment: lighting, sound, cables and countless other things in our lorries and trucks. Admittedly – that’s what others have, too. What we additionally bring along is the passion for each and every project. Passion. Love. Fun. You name it.

  • Appropriate and authentic ambiences, unforgettable experiences - we strongly believe that this is only going to happen through great ideas, smooth processes and commitment to the max – no matter if you are calling us to your little backyard party or a large sports arena. That’s why we are quite confident that you will appreciate working with us – and become one of our satisfied partners who rely on PA Munich’s excellent supply of light, sound and passion.

    Spots on! Kind regards from Munich

    Patrick Saleik (CEO) and his team.

  • PA Munich

    Gesellschaft für Kongress-, Event- und
    Medientechnologie mbH

    Valentin-Linhof-Straße 2
    81829 München
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